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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Healthy Crumbs Week: New Product Thursday: PJ's Organic Chicken Enchilada Meal!

During New Product Thursday I will highlight and review different allergen-free products.  If you've heard of an allergen-free product you would like me to review and highlight on the blog, please feel free to leave a comment or email me the details and I will be happy to highlight it on a New Product Thursday!  And trust me between me - the picky eater and my husband - who eats everything and anything, you will get a wide variety of opinions! 

Healthy Crumb; New Product Thursday: PJ’s Organic Chicken Enchilada Meal
One evening not so long ago, I had a bit of a meltdown. Now if you know anything about me, you know, meltdowns occur if I don't eat on a regular schedule. So there I was, at the grocery store no less, having a full blown meltdown and at a compete loss for something to eat. How could I be at a loss for something to eat at a grocery store you might ask? (Something my husband asks me all the time.) Well, try having sensitivities to gluten, dairy, eggs, and soy, then get back to me. (My husband rolls his eyes after that comment.) Yes, yes, there are always fruits and vegetables right there at my disposal and I could have grabbed an apple, orange, peach…some type of fruit for a quick fix, and in fact I did because I needed something to tide me over until I could think of something more to eat, like an actual dinner.  
Enter, PJ's Organic Chicken Enchilada Meal. Now, normally I never buy frozen dinners because honestly they are expensive and we are a no microwave household which means, frozen dinners are not necessarily fast dinners in the toaster oven. I could make the same thing from scratch for about the same amount of time and a lot cheaper. But as it happened, PJ's Organic Chicken Enchilada Meal was on sale and the grocery store had a microwave in their dinning area for customers to use. So my quick, healthy dinner was decided.  
PJ's Organic Chicken Enchilada frozen meal features a healthy-portioned Chicken Enchilada, accompanied with organic brown rice and black beans. It only takes 5 minutes to cook in the microwave, so it’s a perfect choice for lunchtime or when you need a quick meal. All of PJ’s Organics products are made with USDA-certified organic ingredients, and contain no GMO’s, pesticides or preservatives.
Although I haven’t tried them yet, PJ’s Organics also makes a few other gluten-free items including, Beef Enchilada Meal, Deluxe Chicken Taquitos, and Traditional Chicken Taquitos. And if the other gluten-free meals are anything at all like the Chicken Enchilada Meal, you can bet I'll be trying one in the very near future.
Have you tried any of PJ's Organic Meals?  Please feel free to share how you liked them!

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