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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is All Sugar Created Equal?

We all know that all types of sugar are not created equal, but do you know which type of sugar is best?  You might be surprised, like me. I recently ran across an interesting article about sugar, especially some information about agave nectar, which I wasn’t aware of! We are all aware that white refined sugar is bad for us, but what about the rest?  Did you know agave nectar can contain up to 90- percent fructose!  I had no idea! Why didn’t I know this and why does this matter? Studies suggest high concentrations of fructose can lead to weight gain and obesity. So the best solution is to choose sweeteners with lower fructose levels such as brown rice syrup, honey, or brown sugar. As a bonus, these less-refined sugars contain more antioxidants and nutrients than highly processed sugars. But keep in mind NO sugar is healthy beyond very small quantities, like large amounts of salt, so limit your sugar intake and choose a better type of sugar the next time you reach for some sweetener!

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