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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Divinely Rich Hot Cocoa

This is my favorite hot cocoa recipe, rich chocolaty goodness with a hint of sweetness, so much better than the store bought powder kind. Once you have tried it you will never go back! The best part it is dairy & soy free and so simple to make! Perfect for a cold, snowy night wrapped up in a blanket reading a book by the fireplace!

Makes 2 cups or one large mug full!

2-teaspoons pure cocoa powder
4-teaspoons agave (I like to use agave but you could use regular sugar or honey and it would tastes just fine)
2-cups rice milk

How to Make It:
{    In a small saucepan combine, cocoa powder, agave and milk.
{    Warm on medium heat, stirring with a whisk. (The cocoa powder will mix into the milk once it has heated up a bit.)
{    Cook on medium heat for approximately 3 minutes or until heated to your desired temperature, stirring with the whisk.
{    Pour into a mug and enjoy!

I suppose you could warm the milk up in a mug in the microwave and then stir in the cocoa powder and agave but as we don’t own a microwave the conventional saucepan method works perfect and only takes a few minutes. It is your choice; to me things always taste better right off the stovetop!

**For a variation you could stir in a dash of flavored extract after removing the hot cocoa from the stove such as cherry, vanilla, almond or even orange to add a hint of flavor!


  1. I tried it this weekend and it is a rich and creamy as I hoped. Thanks for the recipe!!!


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